Dec 1, 2021

This Month at Chateaux – December News

By |Chateaux News|

As we enter the final month of 2021, our momentum just keeps going! Check out the projects the team is working on right now: Enhancing a mobile application we’ve built for a client in the criminal just market, including automated reporting and two-way check feature Website development for one of our utility client’s newly [...]

Nov 1, 2021

This Month at Chateaux – November News

By |Chateaux News|

We are often asked, "What's happening at Chateaux?" And the answer is always the same: A LOT! This new monthly segment will give you the rundown of all of the hot projects our global team is working on, plus where you can find us, and more. We hope you like it! Latest projects: Hyperledger-based [...]

Jun 15, 2021

Why your IT consulting vendor should go beyond just technical expertise

By |Business Insights, The People Behind Chateaux|

Choosing an IT consulting vendor can feel daunting. Lots of choice, varying levels of experience, the list goes on. We recently spoke with Senior Project Manager Bernard Devin to learn how Chateaux goes beyond tech expertise to provide clients with top-notch service. What is Chateaux’s ethos when working with clients?  The primary shared value [...]

May 3, 2021

How can eCommerce help your business grow?

By |Business Insights|

eCommerce websites have existed for around 30 years now. They are nothing new. However, almost 75% of small businesses in the US don’t have an eCommerce website. This statistic may be surprising, especially considering that during this past year online shopping has been the only option for many. There are lots of benefits for both [...]

Mar 29, 2021

What are Docker Containers?

By |Cloud Computing, Technical Insights|

“Docker container” may not be new slang for a pair of classic men’s khakis, but they are the perfect fit for many business’s tech needs. So, can Docker containers help you on Casual Friday—and every other day? Find out in this article. Docker containers are standardized units of software that encompass an application’s code and [...]

Mar 4, 2021

An Interview with Carter Ahl, Chateaux’s Newest Advisory Board Member

By |Business Insights, Healthcare, Thought Leadership|

Over the years, we have been privileged to appoint some of the best minds in tech to Chateaux's Board of Advisors. Recently we virtually sat down with our newest appointee, Carter Ahl, Senior Vice President Strategic Growth, Healthcare, Ipsos, to learn about his experience leading top hospital systems through transformative growth, his predictions for [...]