The internet of things, or IoT, allows connectivity between any system able to collect and transfer bidirectional data. Learn how we can help you take advantage of this emerging technology for an endless amount of uses.

A Winning Combination

Chateaux’s longstanding history with big data and analytics allows us to provide unprecedented opportunities in IoT. Our expertise analyzing business processes coupled with the power of device sensors and behavioral data allows us to assess your products and systems and provide insights to add value that you never even dreamed possible. We will build upon interdependencies and create connectivity that allows you to see and act on information effortlessly.

We hold expertise in:

  • Commercial and industrial sensors
  • Personal device sensors
  • Connected home sensors

Technologies we may use to complete an IoT initiative include Android Things, AWS Greengrass, AWS IoT Core, AWS IoT Device Management, and MS Azure IoT Hub.

Mobile phone checking data: chateaux provides real-time data quality
IoT Solution in energy

Recent Success

IoT Solution in Energy

We developed a blockchain-based IoT solution to help an oil and gas client track their inventory using commercial and industrial sensors. Data collected at three key stages—supplier to retailer, retailer to customer, and on-transport shipping at each stage—enables supply chain forecasting and weather-related preparedness. The IoT solution has improved efficiency, provided greater oversight, reduced loss of materials, and decreased operating costs for our client.

Latest Breakthrough

IoT Solution in Education

Using neurofeedback IoT sensors and Bluetooth technology, Chateaux is working to track brain activity available in a standalone Android application and the Cloud. This device is poised to be used by schools and learning centers to help students achieve greater learning through attention training.

IoT solution in education


in IoT

  • Collect real-time data for fast decision making

  • Automate functions

  • Communicate notifications, alerts, and other vital messaging rapidly

  • Streamline processes

  • Address and eliminate bottlenecks

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