Chateaux can help you develop a cloud strategy that integrates cloud solutions for measurable ROI.

Cloud Readiness Assessment

Before we enter into a cloud project, we will help you understand when the use of cloud computing makes sense. Is your organization’s infrastructure ready to be relocated to the cloud? Is your personnel willing to adopt services? What areas of your current cloud infrastructure need improvement?

When ready, we will work with you to implement cloud technology with our best practices and reference architecture.

Cloud Technology Expertise

Our experience in a wide a variety of cloud technologies provides you with multiple platform options, allowing you the flexibility to select a platform that best suits your needs.


in Cloud Strategy

  • Identify and securely deploy applications across public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructures

  • Automate scale up/down of cloud-based resources

  • Set up development/test cloud application environments

  • Create disaster recovery and business continuity plans for cloud applications

  • Migrate or extend on-premise infrastructure capacity to the cloud

  • Maintain your cloud infrastructure as your managed services provider

Technologies We Work With

Featured Success Story


Cloud Migration for Energy Company

Cloud Migration for Energy Company Energy company enhances productivity with migration to cloud-based systems A cost-effective, cloud-based solution was implemented to take the place of costly, in-house servers. Through hands-on training and support, business operations are now executed more [...]

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