Are you getting the most out of your cloud infrastructure? If you feel you are using too many resources, not getting the analytics and metrics you desire, or are looking to economize your cloud budget, you may need to optimize your cloud solution.

Supercharge Your Cloud Infrastructure

We can help you reduce costs and find performance enhancements that optimize your cloud infrastructure for best ROI.

By reviewing your performance data and evaluating how your cloud solution is automatically scaling, we will help you make adjustments that improve your bottom line and your business processes.

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Employee helps client with cloud optimization to reduce costs

Reduce Cost Through Optimization

We helped an energy client reduce the cost of running apps in the cloud by optimizing their cloud infrastructure.

Our energy client had a massive number of apps running in the cloud that were distributed throughout the country. Unfortunately, the cost of running the apps was problematic. Chateaux reviewed and analyzed their cloud infrastructure and streamlined it to remove unnecessary resources and modify performance tiers, including implementing load balancers. These optimizations allowed our client to continue to use technology integral to their business at a reduced cost.


in Optimization

  • Analyzing workflows and processes

  • Creating organizational hierarchy that includes security and policies

  • Reviewing web services, such as CDNs

  • Evaluating use schedules

  • Determining opportunities to leverage available services

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