Whether you are building a new data warehouse or updating an existing system, Chateaux will help you create a single enterprise data source that serves all your strategic data requirements.


A data warehouse can help you:

  • Perform orders of magnitude faster than the systems of record when querying aggregate data
  • Store historical information that is otherwise lost to the source system of record
  • Facilitate better business decisions in a user-friendly system accessible to both IT and business users
  • Run ad-hoc queries on data sets that span multiple systems of record quickly and accurately
  • Turn actionable information into interactive dashboards, enabling users to quickly monitor their business in near real time, and react quickly as issues arise
  • Analyze and assess existing data
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Digital field organization - data management visual for data warehousing


Here’s a situation that may be familiar: your organization uses individual, disparate systems of record. Each functions independently and can only store and manage a very specific, limited data set. Producing any form of strategic reporting across these data sets is costly and slow, and only skilled data experts can access the information. And when those experts go on vacation? Yikes.

A data warehouse solves these problems by integrating, cleansing and transforming data from these disparate systems into one cohesive and accessible data model that provides a single point for reporting and data analysis.

Getting Started

Prior to any data warehousing project, we will hold workshops and technical discovery sessions to better assess your needs and develop a plan that works for your business. In the evaluation phase, we will:

  • Review functional and technical requirements
  • Identify priorities
  • Review existing data warehouse structures
  • Assess existing architecture
  • Evaluate deployment plans
Spreadsheet analysis for data warehousing


in Data Warehousing

  • Data architecture

  • Expert in designing and building ETL processes

  • Performance and query optimization (including real-time)

  • Master Data Management

  • Integration with ERP, Data Marts, OLAP Cubes, CRMs, e-Commerce

  • Specialists with Tableau, QlikView, MSBI, SAP BOBJ, Telerik and others

  • HIPAA, CFR Part 11, GDPR and other regulatory requirements

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