Data Warehouse and Automated Reports Transform Sales and Fulfillment Cycle

Data Warehouse and Automated Reports Transform Sales and Fulfillment Cycle Distribution company boosts productivity with self-service reporting system and near real-time data Leading specialty food distributor’s business intelligence (BI) team adopted a faster, updated platform to analyze sales cycle data. Accurate, near real-time reports allow sales and fulfillment teams to focus on customer needs with confidence. [...]


Gama Aviation Signature Website Revitalized by Redesign

Aviation Website Revitalized by Redesign UI/UX upgrades modernizes site to the delight of content managers and customers Gama Aviation Signature’s revamped web presence is now as luxurious as the brand it represents. With an updated user interface, content managers and digital strategists can connect and engage more effectively with customers. And customers can now interact with the brand on [...]


Developing the First Blockchain Event Ticketing App

Developing the First Blockchain Event Ticketing App Blockchain-based solution empowers both fans and artists with greater control over the ticket-purchasing life cycle Chateaux developed the blockchain-based solution for True Tickets, creating the first event ticketing application to take advantage of an immutable ledger. Available on iOS & Android, the application allows fans and artists alike to buy and sell [...]


Successfully Extracting Patient Data from an EMR to Send to Press Ganey

The client, New Jersey’s Largest Healthcare Provider, based in Marlton, NJ, provides comprehensive health care services to over 1,500 businesses. They are also a leader in maternal and child health services, delivering nearly 8,000 babies a year. In order to maintain and enhance patient care, the client works with Press Ganey to gain strategic insights, meet regulatory requirements, and earn funding via submission of survey data.


Cloud Migration for Energy Company

Cloud Migration for Energy Company Energy company enhances productivity with migration to cloud-based systems A cost-effective, cloud-based solution was implemented to take the place of costly, in-house servers. Through hands-on training and support, business operations are now executed more efficiently and effectively using Plumsail with Sharepoint Online. Maintaining in-house servers for [...]


Grime Boss Increases Mobile Traffic by 40% With New Website Design

Grime Boss Increases Mobile Traffic by 40% with New Website Design UI/UX upgrades improves customer experience and bottom line Grime Boss’s upgraded web infrastructure and digital strategy increased their e-commerce and customer engagement. Using an integrated marketing platform, Grime Boss can now manage their brand on their website and across social media. The mobile-friendly buying experience as well as [...]