Moving to the cloud has been on-trend for years, but pandemic has made the cloud’s value—and necessity—more apparent than ever. With adoption of cloud-only software and best-of-breed tech at its peak, it is time to learn why you need Azure Data Factory to stay on top.

There has always been a classic struggle between all-encompassing solutions and best-of-breed technology.

With an all-encompassing solution, such as SAP, you can do everything with one tool. This typically requires building or changing your organization’s process to connect and work within the capabilities of that specific tool. And for some, the single platform strategy is brilliant: Chateaux has implemented all-encompassing solutions in the past for clients with outstanding success.

But it is not the only way to manage your data.

Best-of-breed tech allows a business to continue to use specific tools that impart competitive advantage because of a particular software’s strengths. A best-of-breed tool allows a business to get up and running faster without having to commit long term to a total organizational process or financial obligation.

But multiple best-of-breed solutions often mean many separated systems that do not interact or connect.

How can a company move data from one system to another and leverage the total power of their information when everything seems to happen in vacuums?

Azure Data Factory!

Azure Data Factory has been around for a few years, but it is just now gaining popularity for five key reasons:

  1. Greater adoption of cloud computing (and rejection of the data center)
  2. Increased reliance on cloud software
  3. Increased use of best-of-breed solutions that favor competitive advantage over pricier, all-encompassing tools
  4. Need to connect best-of-breed tools so that all solutions work together
  5. It’s awesome! (Ok, this may just be an opinion, but we support it.)

So, what is Azure Data Factory?

Azure Data Factory is a low-code, data integration tool that provides a way to process incoming and outgoing data streams. Based entirely in the cloud, Azure Data Factory supports data transformation and data movement between data systems and sources using APIs and connectors across any cloud or hybrid cloud platform, including AWS, Azure, Google, and IBM Cloud.

Azure Data Factory allows you to build connections on a macro scale and fine-tune with your own code to suit your individual needs. You do not need to worry about whether systems connect to each other so long as they have an application programming interface (API). This provides greater flexibility to use the vendors that work best for your needs within your budget.

As a MS Gold Partner, Chateaux is adept at data integration. If you would like to learn more about our capabilities, visit our Data Integration page, or contact us for a demonstration.