Blockchain is a distributed and permanent database that can be used to record any transaction. The decentralized feature and security of Blockchain technology makes it a very efficient solution to various transactional problems. Blockchain is a combination of what we do best in one streamlined solution.


With expertise in enterprise application development, database management, analytics, and cybersecurity, and established partnerships with leading technology providers like IBM and Microsoft, our entry into blockchain was a natural fit.

Whether you are a startup or an enterprise-level corporation, our team of experts can help you reach your goals within blockchain.

Benefits of blockchain services: timestamping, unhackable, trusted protocol, verifiable, secure technology, cryptography, track transactions
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Transform Your Business

We got into blockchain early on, when Ethereum smart contract technology benefits were deemed game changing to decentralized applications (dApps) and new businesses. Now we have become part of the 15% of businesses delivering blockchain solutions. Any engagement by Chateaux is supported by our team of developers who bring vast IT services and solutions experience.

We Are Leaders in Blockchain

As an IBM Blockchain Partner, Microsoft Network Partner Member, and AWS Partner Network (APN) Partner, we are recognized as leaders in the space.

We are the first IBM Blockchain partner to deploy the IBM Blockchain Platform on AWS. As pioneers in this space, we are able to bring the power of the IBM Blockchain Platform to users of any cloud platform.

Our expertise in IBM Blockchain, Hyperledger Platform, Enterprise Ethereum, and R3 enables us to work on both Public Blockchain and Blockchain for Business endeavors. In addition, we chair the Connecticut Blockchain Working Group, shaping policy to bring blockchain to CT.

Connecticut Blockchain Working Group
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Our Solutions

We are proud to be actively creating disruptive solutions for our clients. Our recent work includes:

  • Developing the first blockchain-based enterprise mobile app built on Hyperledger to prevent fraud in the ticketing industry
  • Reducing the time to transfer illiquid assets from 60 to 3 days with a front-end enterprise web app
  • Tracking an end-to-end oil and gas supply chain with API integration interface between existing SaaS and the blockchain solution


in Blockchain

  • Authorized partner with IBM, AWS, Microsoft

  • First to deploy IBM Blockchain on AWS

  • Multiple production implementations

  • Blockchain industry accolades

  • Full-stack capabilities

  • Ability to integrate with IoT and AI

  • Multi-cloud capabilities

  • Renowned experts with Hyperledger

Technologies We Work With

Featured Success Story

CERES Coin Set To Transform Cannabis Industry With Stablecoin, Ecommerce App

CERES Coin’s innovative financial infrastructure for the legal cannabis industry offers a B2B marketplace for approved organizations to buy and sell products using the SEC-qualified CERES stablecoin. Their blockchain-based ecommerce application, built on Hyperledger fabric, architected with microservices, and designed with React.js and KendoUI, is ready to disrupt this burgeoning sector.

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