Elevate the power of your data beyond the capabilities of your source systems using data integration, data transformation, and data movement. Gain ETL automation out-of-box, set up batch jobs for reporting using your preferred data visualization tools, and combine disparate data sources—all with Azure Data Factory.

What is Azure Data Factory (ADF)?

Azure Data Factory (ADF) is a low-code, data integration tool that provides a way to process incoming and outgoing data streams. Based entirely in the cloud, ADF supports data transformation and data movement between data systems and sources using APIs and connectors.

A great way to think of Azure Data Factory is to envision an assembly line.

An object will be moved from one location to another for various purposes, sometimes merely to get from point A to point B. The object may also undergo a transformation, such as cleansing, being put into a mold, or otherwise before landing at the next destination.

In the case of ADF, the data is the object. It can be moved from one system to another and also undergo a transformation, such as a calculation or cleansing.

This entire process acts, as the name describes, like a data factory with an assembly line of information.

Assembly line example image explaining Azure Data Factory Services from Chateaux


Azure Data Factory comes equipped with some built-in features that make it a great tool. It is:

  • Highly customizable, offering the flexibility to be as simple or as sophisticated as you need
  • Cloud-based, no server necessary
  • Adaptable for use across and between cloud systems including Azure, AWS, Google, IBM Cloud
  • Ready to support limitless integration potential to countless systems
  • Equipped to handle myriad methods for data integration and transformation including data cleansing and analytics
  • Complementary to any industry or department

Chateaux has helped clients achieve great success with ADF, including:

  • Elevating the power of data with transformative actions beyond the capabilities of existing source systems
  • Creating powerful visuals from limitless data sources to capture all meaningful data required for executive reports for organizational key metrics
  • Boosting processing speed or schedule tasks to fit timetables
  • Eliminating manual data input–and the inevitable data errors that comes with it–by incorporating automation
Person looking at visualizations on tablet thanks to Azure Data Factory project from Chateaux

How Azure Data Factory can help you

Data Movement
If you have data you wish to analyze but it is kept in a source system of record that does not have analysis capabilities, you can use Azure Data Factory to grab the data on a scheduled basis of your choice and then move it into a reporting repository. This is a simple case of data movement.

Data Transformation
If you have data that needs to be moved between two systems but first requires data cleansing, Azure Data Factory can make that happen. For instance, let’s say you would like to begin using customer data for communication outreach in a new marketing CRM but the names and addresses you have on file are kept in an accounting system that does not have standardization rules. Azure Data Factory can take the data from your accounting source record, run the addresses through a data cleansing system to verify and validate the post office addresses, and then move the transformed data into your marketing CRM.

Why select Chateaux for your data integration project

Chateaux can help you build your Azure Data Factory integrations and connectors for maximum ease of use. Together with your team, we will identify and understand the root of your business problem, identify required data sources and data fields, and recommend a lasting solution.

Using a combination of out-of-the-box tools, custom code, and business insights, we will help you create an organized and efficient workflow that provides you with the insights you crave.

Our deep experience with ETL (extract, transfer, load)—the fundamentals on which ADF was built, provides us with a competitive advantage to help you gain the insights using the latest tech advancements of ADF’s serverless data integration service.

Once we are done with the installation, we won’t leave you scrambling. Our support service agreements allow you to stay focused on the information you need for as long as you need us. We will provide training to help your staff effectively use the tools provided and we will remain available for upgrades that come along, ensuring you get the best return on investment from your own information.

Chateaux Technologist Working with Client on ADF Azure Data Factory Project


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  • Microsoft (MS) Gold Partners

  • Deep expertise in integration with data warehouses, web, and mobile apps, as well as integration with ERP, Data Marts, OLAP Cubes, CRMs, e-Commerce, and APIs

  • Specialists with Tableau, QlikView, MSBI, SAP BOBJ, Telerik and others

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