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Dec 11, 2019

Ken Zimmerman Discusses Agile Methods for Non-IT Projects at MaritzCX Event

2019-12-12T16:37:00-05:00By |Chateaux News, Healthcare, Thought Leadership|

Ken Zimmerman presenting at the MaritzCX Experience Forum 2019 Chateaux CEO and Founder Ken Zimmerman was on hand at the MaritzCX Experience Forum 2019 in NYC to present “Customer Experience, Leadership, and Culture – Stories that Connect Dots.” The presentation focused on utilizing agile methods for non-IT projects in order to address [...]

Apr 2, 2015

Cross-Pollinating Healthcare Technology Solutions

2017-03-09T13:01:57-05:00By |Business Insights, The People Behind Chateaux, Thought Leadership|

By Sam Wuertz, Chateaux Senior Technologist and CoE Member Terms such as “Business Intelligence”, “Big Data”, and “analytics” have become commonplace in just about every industry. Organizations are on their way to harnessing the benefits of these solutions – that is, all but the healthcare industry. For example, Gartner estimates that software and cybersecurity in [...]

Jan 23, 2014

2014 Trends – The Relevancy of Big Data, or Lots of Little Data

2017-12-12T14:24:13-05:00By |Business Insights, Technical Insights, Thought Leadership|

By Sam Somashekar, Senior Product Management / Marketing / Strategy Consultant Big Data is poised to explode in 2014. It promises to provide actionable insight from huge amounts of data that can come from everywhere. But will it make a difference for your business? It’s safe to say that if data in any quantity is used [...]

Dec 3, 2013

Being Analytics-Ready is not a One-Time Event

2017-12-12T14:29:53-05:00By |Business Insights, Cloud Computing, Thought Leadership|

By Sam Somashekar, Senior Product Management / Marketing / Strategy Consultant When implementing a new BI solution, you typically hear the term “organizational readiness”. This refers to the preparation of an organization to use analytics, including training on BI tools and proper data use; establishing processes for support; and shifting or acquiring people with the skills [...]

Nov 14, 2013

Cybersecurity Panel Captivates Audience at Japan Society Corporate Program

2017-12-12T14:31:15-05:00By |Chateaux News, Thought Leadership|

Chateaux Principal Ken Zimmerman moderated a panel discussion on the latest cybersecurity trends and threats in the U.S. and Japan on October 30, 2013. Just over 100 people from various companies and industries gathered at the Japan Society Headquarters in New York City for the luncheon and panel event. Speakers included security experts Jeffrey Greene, [...]

Oct 28, 2013

The 2013 Greenwich CIO Executive Leadership Summit

2017-12-12T14:35:25-05:00By |Chateaux News, Thought Leadership|

Chateaux returned as a Platinum Sponsor to The 2013 Greenwich CIO Executive Leadership Summit on October 22, 2013. During the day-long event, the Hyatt Regency Greenwich was filled with over 200 CIOs and IT leaders from diverse industries and companies, participating in highly interactive sessions and learning more about offerings from event sponsors including CA [...]

Oct 10, 2013

Analytics Goes Real-Time with Operational Intelligence

2017-12-12T14:44:49-05:00By |Business Insights, Thought Leadership|

By Sam Somashekar, Senior Product Management / Marketing / Strategy Consultant Actionable insight is what propels a business. Operational Intelligence (OI) allows you to gain this insight from both historical data, typically used by Business Intelligence solutions, as well as real-time data feeds. With this combination businesses can immediately take action on decisions and change next-step [...]

Oct 1, 2013

Big Time for Big Data – Does it Make Sense for You?

2017-12-12T14:46:15-05:00By |Business Insights, Technical Insights, Thought Leadership|

By Hugo Toledo, Senior BI Architect Big Data has hit the big time. Brought to the forefront of all CxO’s attention after a Harvard Business Review cover story in 2012, Big Data is now a colloquialism for “massive amounts of data generating actionable business insight.”  Recently, Big Data further jumped into the spotlight as both [...]

Sep 26, 2013

What’s the Deal with SAP HANA?

2017-12-12T14:48:04-05:00By |Business Insights, Cloud Computing, Technical Insights, Thought Leadership|

Data and data sources are increasing at a tremendously fast pace. In addition to the volume of data being produced by the electronically-connected world, the number of different sources and types of information is growing at unprecedented rates. Organizations are attempting to make use of all this information by storing it in relational or non-relational databases for further analysis by a variety of Business Intelligence tools. However, with the high rate and volume of data comes the need for faster analysis.

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