More Q&A with Chateaux Principal Ken Zimmerman and Cloud Expert Sam Somashekar

Cloud Question #2:

Cloud-chats-Sam-KenKen: Let’s say you’re an organization interested in a supply chain application and you have the option of an on-premise solution or a cloud solution. I think many people assume that if its cloud based, it must be better, but I’m sure there are a lot of nuances in deciding whether to move everything to the cloud or stay on-premise. How should you make that decision?

Sam: Not everything is suited for the cloud, but there are cases where it can be a perfect solution. For instance, when you have an application with an unpredictable load, such as a retail application, you can scale to your needs and then shrink when those needs decrease. You should also determine the type of management and connectivity that you need around the application; if you need to see the physical servers that the application sits on, the cloud will not provide that access. However, if you don’t need that deep level of access and only want to pay for what you use, then the cloud is a good option. Another situation in which the cloud would be beneficial is if you want to shift your spending from CAPEX to OPEX. The key is to lead with the best options for your solution.

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