Chateaux attended the 121st NYC Cross-Industrial Networking Event at the American Dream Japanese Network (JaNet) Friday, June 14. The event featured honorary guest and speaker Yoroku (Joe) Adachi, President and CEO of Canon U.S.A., Inc.

Mr. Adachi joined Canon Inc. in 1970, and worked in various positions throughout the organization including in the Photo Products Marketing Management Division, and as Chairman of both Canon Singapore and Canon Hong Kong. He has served in his current role since 2005.

Mr. Adachi’s presentation covered technology advancements, succeeding in the US corporate environment, and Japan’s current economic state. He noted that our society is becoming overwhelmed with massive amounts of information from countless unstandardized platforms, on a personal and also a professional level.  The corporate world is inundated with new tech devices every day that help streamline processes, optimize daily tasks, and access data from anywhere. In order to harness true value from these new technologies it is important for organizations to understand their different strengths and capabilities, and also to raise awareness of them.

Mr. Adachi also commented on doing business in a global market.  Using the boiling frog metaphor, he illustrated the importance of social adaptation and awareness of gradual change. He also emphasized the importance of diverse perspectives and ideas on business–whether from industries outside your own, other departments in your company, individuals from other cultures, or younger generations, to support innovation in the future.

Senior Account Executive Alex Suzuki states, “I concur with Mr. Adachi’s perspective on the vital roles that technology plays in industries from a universal standpoint. It is elemental for corporate leaders to understand the developments and advancements being made today. For instance, implementing Big Data solutions to utilize social media information can provide organizations with a solid competitive edge.”