Chateaux has developed the first multicloud blockchain deployment in collaboration with Vertrax, a leader in supply chain management solutions for the oil and gas bulk liquid distribution industry. The Vertrax Blockchain—built on the IBM Blockchain Platform and deployed on AWS, is revolutionizing the oil and gas supply chain.

The Vertrax Blockhain (Vesta Supply) leverages IoT for near real-time oil supply reporting, integration with logistics and weather systems, and distributed ledger technology to inform supply chain decisions that are not just based on historical data but use predictive analytics to mitigate both planned and unplanned disruptions.

The IBM Blockchain Platform allows the solution to run on multiple cloud environments, enabling data to be gathered and accessed with incredible flexibility. This also allows multiple suppliers, retailers, and carriers to leverage the Vertrax Blockchain network. By providing data securely to the platform participants gain invaluable insight into end-to-end oil and gas supply chain spectrum and are able to provide superior service based on this added information.

Watch the video below to learn how Chateaux and Vertrax developed the Vetrax Blockchain, a solution that provides data-driven insights poised to reduce waste, cost, and time:

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