Ken Zimmerman presents about patient experience and customer experience and how it relates to agile methodology at the MaritzCX event.

Ken Zimmerman presenting at the MaritzCX Experience Forum 2019

Chateaux CEO and Founder Ken Zimmerman was on hand at the MaritzCX Experience Forum 2019 in NYC to present “Customer Experience, Leadership, and Culture – Stories that Connect Dots.”

The presentation focused on utilizing agile methods for non-IT projects in order to address the needs of customers that are “always on” in our hyper-connected world. During his presentation, Zimmerman explained four key mechanisms to leveraging this process for business growth: integrated customer engagement, facilitation-based management, iterative and incremental work practices, and enabling organizational structure.

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Hosted by MaritzCX, a leader in customer experience, the event included its first-ever patient experience track, focusing on healthcare and the way in which patient journeys can be enhanced through technology and research services. To learn how Chateaux has enhanced patient experience for our clients, read our case study here.