Chateaux’s blockchain thought leader and IBM Champion Nick Kammerman featured on exclusive web panel

Video details:

“IBM Champions Chat: Using IBM Blockchain to build trust, expose truth”
Hosted by IBM Developer and IBM Champions

Watch Here:

In this exclusive webcast, viewers will hear from IBM Champions as they discuss blockchain and the IBM Blockchain platform and how it builds trust and exposes truth, particularly in the time of Covid-19.

Discussion features:

  • Nick Kammerman, Head of Business Development, Chateaux Software
  • Deborah Kestin-Schildkraut, Global Program Director, Business Partner Ecosystem Marketing Leader, IBM AI Applications & Blockchain Marketing
  • Jason Juliano, CEO, Aponia Data
  • Frank Blau, Operations Manager, area2invest
  • Karen Kilroy, CEO, Kilroy Blockchain
  • Luke Schantz, Developer Advocate, Quantum Ambassador & Stream Producer

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