Now that your business has addressed immediate needs mentioned in our recent post, it’s time to take the next step and consider how your business may need to change, fundamentally, for the future.

In our previous list, 5 IT Solutions Your Business Needs Right Now, we focused on how to manage internal operations—a key need to ensuring that the cogs continue to turn within your business. Concentrating on data storage, remote access, and communication are key to keep things running. In our series Fundamental Changes You Must Consider for a Post-Pandemic World, we are going to explore some of the ways in which you may need to fundamentally re-imagine how to evaluate your information, connect with customers, and keep your business engaged in the future and the—you guessed it—“new normal.”

Fundamental Changes You Must Consider for a Post-Pandemic World
Mobile Apps: Serving your customers and team anytime, anywhere

In addition to your website and CRM solution, building an app can strengthen your overall connectivity both to your customers as well as your teams.
A mobile app can be an extension of your website. For instance, eCommerce sites can leverage a high-quality mobile experience, complete with in-app purchase functionality.

The average American adult spends almost 3 hours per day using their smartphone. While social media and communication apps take up a large proportion of this usage, having your app present on a mobile device means the user is seeing your brand multiple times a day. This in turn keeps you front of mind when customers are looking for your goods or services.

An app is also an extremely powerful marketing tool, beginning with the design of the icon. You have the ability to use push notifications to personalize promotions and discounts, use geolocation technology to notify customers or send discount codes when they are near your store, or even use as part of a customer loyalty program. You also have the potential to improve customer engagement by allowing users to contact with you directly through your app.

Not Just for Consumers

But mobile apps are not just for consumers! Apps carry a massive power for your team: the ability to review and analyze data plus connect with colleagues, vendors, or customers anytime, anywhere. This includes connecting multiple data points, including from IoT devices, into a simple dashboard that turns data into information in real-time, and saving time by allowing employees to access or input data in the field. We’ve even created blockchain-based apps to help bring the power of immutable ledgers to the palm of your hand. Truly, the opportunities are endless. Now that remote work and touchless processes—such as reducing paperwork in hospitals–are becoming more prevalent, there’s no greater time than now to consider application development.

At Chateaux, our mobile app developers create solutions that work seamlessly across all major platforms. Whether you need to modify an existing application or want to build from scratch, our team has you covered with our mobile application development services.

We have deep experience in mobile application development, visualizations, analytics, and UI/UX, which makes us uniquely suited to understand how users connect with and interpret digital information. We have built custom mobile and web-based solutions across a variety of industries including the first-ever ticketing application built with blockchain.

If you are curious about how a mobile app can suit your business, contact us at [email protected].