We’ve rounded up seven articles buzzing around the internet that we think you’ll like. They cover a variety of different topics within the scope of enterprise business and technical news and insights. We hope you enjoy the reads. Let us know what you think in the comments!

  1. Administrators Can Now Visualize Azure AD Insights with Power BIJanuary 23, 2017Learn more about the new Power BI integration in Azure Active Directory.In the words of Youssef Shoukry, a Microsoft Power BI program manager, “With this integration of Azure Active Directory APIs with Power BI, you can easily download pre-built content packs and dig deeper into all the activities within your Azure Active Directory,” he wrote. Check out the article to learn more about the capabilities.
  2. The FBI’s Former CIO Shares What He Learned About LeadershipJanuary 17, 2017Darwin John, former CIO of the FBI (among other large organizations), shares his leadership advice through his illustrious career. He explains his philosophy on the importance of “soft skills” as well as the technical “hard” skills, and expands on his approach and three main themes. Mr. John espouses his experience in professional forums, RLF (Regional Leadership Forum) and SIM (Society for Information Management).
  3. Sources: Amazon quietly acquired AI security startup harvest.ai for around $20MJanuary 9, 2017In an effort to improve security measures, Amazon Web Services (AWS) quietly acquired San Diego based startup harvest.ai in early January. The acquisition is speculated to help Amazon’s security-as-a-service.Additional speculation includes the ways harvest.ai’s features will be used to monetize AI (likely through Amazon Echo). The acquisition confirms AI engineers are in-demand at Amazon as well as across rest of the tech industry.
  1. A Non-Technical Guide to Understanding Machine Learning – December 29, 2016This article is a wonderfully in-depth non-technical guide to machine learning. It explains what machine learning is, how it works, the different types (supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement), and how it can help your business.It is worth a read for anyone looking for an introduction into machine learning.
  1. 3 Ways GE’s Predix Is Revolutionizing Customers’ OperationsDecember 27, 2016This article outlines three ways that GE’s cloud-based industrial operating system is revolutionizing their clients’ operations through predictive analytics and artificial intelligence.
  1. Millennials Drive New Order of Customer ExperienceDecember 20, 2016As millennials continue to occupy more of the workforce, companies are learning to adapt to their customer experience preferences using technology. This article explains how to use tech to create a great customer experience that is fast (multimodal interactions), contextual (advanced analytics), personalized (artificial intelligence) and on their terms (omnichannel communications).
  1. HTTPS: Friend or Foe?July 28, 2016In August 2014, Google announced that websites that are HTTPS / secure will rank higher for SEO, as online security remains of paramount importance. Our friends at Search Engine Journal weigh the pros and cons of switching to an HTTPS site from an HTTP and how it impacts your business’ search results.