Analytics Made Easy

Clients have been overwhelmingly impressed by customized analytics reports implemented in Sitefinity CMS.

The reporting capabilities within Sitefinity aim to help mid-size corporations manage and track digital marketing campaigns and other facets of their online strategy. Chateaux’s developers work with clients to identify key performance indicators which allow them to set up the most actionable, streamlined reporting that can best help them increase their conversion rates and are customized to their specific business needs.

Here are five ways that the closed-source, enterprise CMS help clients better utilize data and improve marketing insights.

  1. Analytics Viewed in Within Sitefinity
    Many CMS platforms require analytics reports to be viewed through third party sites; Sitefinity’s custom analytics reports are viewed easily within the back-end of the site.
  2. Clearly Visualized Graphs
    Clients marketing teams can view traffic information on the backend of each page through charts and graphs. Furthermore, custom reports contain reliable data for marketing efforts in real time.
  3. Third Party Integration
    Sitefinity allows for third party integrations, such as Google Analytics. The analytics reports from Google can be further customized to show the information most useful to the team viewing the reports.
  4. Track the Customer Journey
    Reports allow for marketing to track the customer journey in a data-driven way. Insights gained include, sources of traffic (paid and organic), where potential consumers drop off the site, which campaigns generate the most conversions, and more.
  5. Track Relevant Data Only
    Reports are customized by Chateaux developers to ensure only useful information regarding traffic and customer trends is targeted and reported. Marketing personnel are able to view site traffic, average time spent per page, sources, to continue to improve their efforts.

By running custom reports, users are able to track and learn from their analytics in an effective and intuitive way.

Since implementing Sitefinity CMS Analytics for our clients, marketing departments have shown measurably improved online campaigns through increased sales and customer enrollments.

Sitefinity CMS is a multifaceted closed-source content management system for enterprise business.

Chateaux’s implementation team can connect Sitefinity with a variety of other web applications, such as SharePoint,, Dropbox, MaxMind GeoLite, Akismet Span Protection, Lucene, PayPal PayFlow Pro, and XE.

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