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25 01, 2017

7 Must-Read Tech & Business Insights to Begin 2017!

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We’ve rounded up seven articles buzzing around the internet that we think you’ll like. They cover a variety of different topics within the scope of enterprise business and technical news and insights. We hope you enjoy the reads. Let us know what you think in the comments! Administrators Can Now Visualize Azure AD Insights with [...]

25 01, 2016

SAP BO Data Services (BODS) 4.2 – Full SQL Push Down

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By Sam Wuertz, Senior Technologist, and Sudhir Karusala, Business Intelligence Technologist OVERVIEW SAP Business Objects Data Services 4 is a powerful ETL platform. It enables rapid development of complex ETL, and if designed properly, facilitates tremendous throughput of high data volumes. However, proper design requires know-how, and the following may help avoid some hard learned [...]

21 12, 2015

Working with SQL Server Schema Bound Views

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By Sudhir Karusala, Business Intelligence Technologist Environment Scope: Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2 The purpose of this article is to present an overview of Schema Binding, then explore both the potential benefits and hazards of utilizing indexed views. WHAT IS SCHEMA BINDING? Schema binding refers to the process of associating a database view to underlying [...]

3 03, 2015

R Stands for “Rad” in the Big Data World

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If you’re in the Big Data world, you know that the R statistics language is totally rad! It has more than 6,100 add-on packages, 41,000+ members in LinkedIn’s R group, and 170+ R Meetup groups currently in existence. The bonus? It’s free, open source, powerful and highly extensible. To say it is popular is an [...]

18 11, 2014

Chateaux Technical Insight – MSSQL Backups and Active Directory

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To many partners, Chateaux is a welcome second pair of eyes. Our technical insight stretches from minor hiccups to large scale enterprise architecture engagements. Some of the problems we solve for clients may seem insignificant, but they are issues that can only be solved with years of experience. Recently a client came to us with [...]

23 01, 2014

2014 Trends – The Relevancy of Big Data, or Lots of Little Data

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By Sam Somashekar, Senior Product Management / Marketing / Strategy Consultant Big Data is poised to explode in 2014. It promises to provide actionable insight from huge amounts of data that can come from everywhere. But will it make a difference for your business? It’s safe to say that if data in any quantity is used [...]

8 11, 2013

Chateaux and Canon Information & Imaging Solutions: Partnership Overview

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Two weeks ago, Chateaux announced a new partnership with Canon Information & Imaging Solutions (CIIS), a wholly owned subsidiary of Canon USA. As a systems integration partner, Chateaux works with CIIS to extend its implementation, Application Development, and Application Integration services for their leading imaging and information management technologies. CIIS Background Canon, USA formed CIIS [...]

1 10, 2013

Big Time for Big Data – Does it Make Sense for You?

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By Hugo Toledo, Senior BI Architect Big Data has hit the big time. Brought to the forefront of all CxO’s attention after a Harvard Business Review cover story in 2012, Big Data is now a colloquialism for “massive amounts of data generating actionable business insight.”  Recently, Big Data further jumped into the spotlight as both [...]

26 09, 2013

What’s the Deal with SAP HANA?

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Data and data sources are increasing at a tremendously fast pace. In addition to the volume of data being produced by the electronically-connected world, the number of different sources and types of information is growing at unprecedented rates. Organizations are attempting to make use of all this information by storing it in relational or non-relational databases for further analysis by a variety of Business Intelligence tools. However, with the high rate and volume of data comes the need for faster analysis.

5 09, 2013

Data-Driven Techniques Transform Marketing into an Analytics-Ready Organization

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Marketing Relevance Rises with Business Intelligence and Big Data By Sam Somashekar, Senior Product Management / Marketing / Strategy Consultant Photo credit: Carlos Veira Lorenzo There once was a time when the typical marketing strategy was “if you throw enough against the wall, eventually something will stick.” Marketing budgets were huge, and [...]