sql-to-hddTo many partners, Chateaux is a welcome second pair of eyes. Our technical insight stretches from minor hiccups to large scale enterprise architecture engagements. Some of the problems we solve for clients may seem insignificant, but they are issues that can only be solved with years of experience.

Recently a client came to us with an issue that needed our technical insight for swift resolution. The client runs Microsoft SQL Server with database instances that need to be backed up regularly. They encountered an issue where their server did not have the correct permissions to write to the backup location, and they could not find a resolution.

We’ve experienced this problem before, and knew that the solution would be to create a domain login for SQL Server within Active Directory and then grant that login the necessary permissions.

Here’s a little more detail on the exact process we used to solve this issue:

  1. Create an Active Directory user with a name such as “sqlservice”.
  2. Grant that login access to the necessary locations across your domain (such as folders or file shares).
  3. Then, change the SQL Server services on the database server so that they use the new “sqlservice” login. These services are likely named SQL Server and SQL Server Agent. By default these services use local credentials which would not translate well across the domain.
  4. It is also a good idea to put the sqlservice login into the Administrators OS group on the database server(s) as well as give it the sysadmin role in the SQL Server Instance. This will ensure the login has full access to the local database server and OS.

This process will allow SQL Server to write data to whichever location the sqlservice user has permission.

Solving these problems for our clients is one of the many ways Chateaux differentiates itself from other services providers. Our decades of experience is valuable for all engagements. Be sure to check out our Solutions and Services web pages to learn more about what we do here at Chateaux. And check out our Center of Excellence area to learn about some of our incredible team members.