Web Application Boosts Productivity for Equipment Leasing and Financing Company

Our client improved their equipment leasing and financing lifecycle by combining the power of microservices, data warehousing, and ecommerce technologies into one slick UI. In this installment of our three-part success story series, we'll look at how Chateaux's Digital Transformation Team built a web app that uses visualizations and custom assets built with React.js and webpack to optimize the business flow.

CERES Coin Set To Transform Cannabis Industry With Stablecoin, Ecommerce App

CERES Coin’s innovative financial infrastructure for the legal cannabis industry offers a B2B marketplace for approved organizations to buy and sell products using the SEC-qualified CERES stablecoin. Their blockchain-based ecommerce application, built on Hyperledger fabric, architected with microservices, and designed with React.js and KendoUI, is ready to disrupt this burgeoning sector.

Chateaux Helps Top Dog Food & Supply Launch Brand New Ecommerce Website

Top Dog, a raw pet food and natural treats company, required an appealing, user-friendly ecommerce website to attract new customers, serve long-term customers, and allow the sales and marketing teams to easily maintain the site and its products. Learn how Chateaux delivered a scalable ecommerce site built with Shopify, complete with an easy-to-use CMS and slick user interface.

Vertrax Revolutionizes Their Supply Chain Logistics Using IBM Blockchain on Multicloud

The Vertrax Blockchain delivers end-to-end tracking within the fuel supply chain by leveraging Vertrax’s existing and new oil and gas logistics systems and iOT devices. The solution provides total asset visibility and significantly reduces supply chain costs by leveraging the power of the IBM Blockchain platform on AWS.