Project Description

BI Reporting Solution Provides Key Financial Insights

Global reinsurance company gains comprehensive view of their business

Using SAP BusinessObjects, Chateaux designed an analytics and visualizations solution that allows our client to pull data from numerous source systems and produce a more accurate view of the health of the business.

The Challenge

A global reinsurance company needed guidance on developing and delivering critical financial reports and dashboards for the CFO and CEO.

The Result

Using SAP BusinessObjects, Chateaux was able to design a solution allowing them to pull data from numerous source systems and produce a more accurate view of the health of the business.

Features & Highlights

40% decrease in reporting time

reducing the time to deliver the President’s Report to 3 days

Responsive & timely visualizations
Data and insights can be identified easily and quickly

More About the Challenge

The client needed guidance on a strategy for system security and support as well as the delivery of SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards based on existing WebIntelligence reports. The client had many source systems that they wanted to be able to report on, including internal databases and external sources from their parent company. Because of these disparate data sources, business analysts were unable to deliver the quarterly President’s Report for executive management on time. It would take analysts a full week just to pull all the data needed to create the reports, which are sent out to all internal staff as well as the company’s marketing partners as a live webinar presentation. The client previously worked with another consultant to mitigate this issue; however, after the desired results were not achieved, they turned to Chateaux for their depth of knowledge and expertise with SAP BusinessObjects.

More About the Approach

Chateaux began by creating specific financial reports for the executive team. Once Chateaux demonstrated expertise well beyond report writing, the team also assisted with gathering user requirements, designing reports, explaining how to design tables, and developing the reports. Chateaux also worked directly with the client to ensure the project was aligned with their data warehouse development. With greatly improved data architecture, the client would be able to handle more requirements for their Business Intelligence (BI) reporting with minimal work on the database side. Chateaux also took into consideration the client’s plans for increasing volumes of data and BI needs in the future for seamless incorporation into the solution.

More About the Result

Chateaux successfully implemented SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards and delivered a resilient BI reporting solution which the client can rely on for all future BI needs. With the new solution in place, analysts will be able to deliver the President’s Report in only three days, cutting the time down by 40%. The solution provides responsive and timely visualizations that allow users to drill down quickly instead of going through static, Excel-type reports. The graphical representation of the data allows them to get to the information they need faster, and easily transfer it to slides to be included in the President’s Report. Senior management is able to gain a better understanding of the overall financial health of the business, meeting the CFO’s and other executives’ goals for the project. Chateaux also included built-in security features for different access levels to keep sensitive information in the right hands. The solution received a wealth of positive feedback when presented to the parent company, as shown by their plan to implement the solution within their organization. Chateaux continues to provide guidance and mentoring to the client on an ongoing basis to support the SAP implementation.

The ability of Chateaux resources to reach out to senior employees within their organization for support, guidance, or to help solve any roadblocks is very helpful. We had some questions about the security feature and were able to work directly with one of Chateaux’s Senior Center of Excellence members with specific knowledge in that area to resolve the issue.

VP of Information Technology, A Global Reinsurance Company

About Our Client

Our client is a global reinsurance company based in the Northeast United States.

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