Project Description

Data Warehouse and Automated Reports Transform Sales and Fulfillment Cycle

Distribution company boosts productivity with self-service reporting system and near real-time data

Leading specialty food distributor’s business intelligence (BI) team adopted a faster, updated platform to analyze sales cycle data. Accurate, near real-time reports allow sales and fulfillment teams to focus on customer needs with confidence.

The Challenge

Outdated reporting process became a growing burden as the company grew.

The Result

The food distributor’s business intelligence (BI) group adopted a sleek, updated platform to confidently analyze sales cycle data.

Features & Highlights

95% faster turnaround time

for report requests

Better Data Accuracy
Near Real-Time Performance

More About the Challenge

Our client, a leading specialty food distributor, could no long rely upon their existing solution to provide accurate, timely reports for their sales and fulfillment teams. Their system took over four hours to run reports and could only be run two times a day. This lag time left the teams with stale, unreliable data that hindered their ability to effectively address customer needs, including orders and deliveries.

Furthermore, the client’s Business Intelligence (BI) Group was inundated with report requests because the current solution provided insufficient reporting. As the company grew, this antiquated system became increasingly problematic.

More About the Approach

The client elected to have a data warehouse built to house all sales and fulfillment data. Chateaux’s Subject Matter Expert (SME) worked with the client’s business and IT teams to ascertain what the legacy systems were producing and transacting.

Chateaux identified the following needs after assessing the client’s legacy solution:

  • Based on the performance of the refresh rate, the legacy system would be retired
  • A sales data mart needed to be designed and built from the ground up
  • The company’s data owners needed the capability to run standardized and ad hoc reports
  • The new data mart required the approach of incremental data loads as part of the ETL process

After careful analysis, Chateaux’s SME worked collaboratively with the client to provide the following solutions:

  • Created a more robust Data Mart design with a focus on increased performance that could scale with the company’s growth
  • Simplified procedural actions, allow the users to access the data via a Data Cube or Talend
  • Empowered users of varying technical skill to harness information without the help of IT
  • Ensured the Data Mart refresh rate was near real-time

More About the Result

While maintaining a seamless, uninterrupted continuation of day-to-day processes, the Chateaux team was instrumental in transitioning the client to a robust data warehouse and reporting system. The new system enabled the sales team to streamline report requests with accurate, near real-time data for decades to come.

About the Client

The client, a specialty food distributor headquartered in Ridgefield, CT, gathers artisan and high-quality ingredients from all over the globe and purveys these products to North America’s finest hotels, restaurants, caterers, and gourmet stores.

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