I had an interesting support issue come up with sending Press Ganey survey data. Our client claimed the oncology population of the data set was not sending enough survey data to Press Ganey. What could be going on?

While there are many things to check when you experience this issue with Press Ganey survey data, the key questions I ask are:

  1. How many patients should be represented in the sent data?
  2. Is there an issue with the SQL code that extracts the data?
  3. Is the data pulling from all source systems?

First, find out how many patients’ survey data the client expects to send to Press Ganey. For all you know, you may be pulling the right amount of patients. But if numbers are off, verify if there are any patients missing from the data set and if so, add them to the population.

Second, review the SQL code. Make sure all the joins are working correctly and make modifications needed. You should also check what your “where” clauses are looking for and are filtering out. Some of the common ones to look for are the procedure and diagnosis codes–are you pulling the right codes? If you have a multi-facility hospital group, make sure to pull from all relevant facilities.

Third, confirm the source systems from which you are pulling the data. You want to make sure that you are pulling from the right databases. Hospital groups use many software packages to run their business and collect information. You may need to extract from more systems to capture the missing data.