Quick Migration Thoughts

I recently completed the migration of twenty DTS Packages 2000 to SQL Server (SSIS) 2012. Our client, a major hospital group in the Southern New Jersey area, used the DTS Packages to create various output files to send to Press Ganey.

To address the migration, I considered both the technical and implementation sides of the process. Here is what I found:

On the technical side, you cannot convert a DTS Package to an SSIS 2012 Package. First, you must make an immediate conversion using the upgrade wizard on SQL Server 2008 Visual Studio Data Tool. Also, the Active X Scripts do not convert. They must be rewritten into SSIS script tasks.

On the implementation side, you need to develop a process to retire the DTS Package and install the new SSIS Package. Next, you’ll need to work with Press Ganey to ensure you maintained data accuracy.

Press Ganey support can take a lot of time and focus, especially when you are migrating your data to a new platform. To succeed, you must be a technical expert and well-versed in your client’s Press Ganey solution. If you’re not, you can count on delays in delivery of the data.