Chateaux has a history of providing impeccable technology services. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. Similarly, there is also no one-size-fits-all technology—especially when it comes to cloud platforms. Clients select and remain with providers for a variety of reasons. We strive to facilitate services that use the client’s existing infrastructure so they can take advantage of emerging technologies without sacrificing cost, functionality, and security.

Early on, we recognized the benefit of a distributed ledger and the power of Hyperledger Fabric to deliver the security and privacy our clients need. But we were unable to bring the value of blockchain to clients using cloud services outside of the IBM suite.

Until now.

We are excited to announce a game-changing advancement to our blockchain capabilities: Chateaux has successfully deployed IBM Blockchain on AWS and is now capable of doing so on any on-premise or public cloud environment.

“Clients can now benefit from the next generation of the IBM Blockchain Platform which has been rearchitected to support deployments via Kubernetes,” stated IBM’s Jerry Cuomo in his recent piece, Introducing the next-gen platform for enterprise blockchain. “This means you can now deploy the IBM Blockchain Platform on the infrastructure of your choosing. Deploy to public clouds like IBM Cloud, AWS, and Azure, or deploy on-premises in private clouds with secure infrastructures like LinuxOne. This hybrid and multicloud approach will allow blockchain networks to work effectively across multiple environments.”

Chateaux pioneered this capability with deployments for clients Vertrax and True Tickets, creating disruptive blockchain solutions within the energy and entertainment industries.

“IBM Blockchain Platform on multicloud allows customers to accelerate the implementation and management of blockchain networks,” explained Vijay Ratha, Chateaux’s Director of Enterprise Applications and resident blockchain expert. “It also enables clients to join blockchain consortiums regardless of their current, existing cloud platforms.”

Versatility and accessibility are incredibly important when designing any solution. Chateaux looks forward to providing the benefit of blockchain to a broader array of clients thanks to this groundbreaking capability.