Blockchain technology that worksDespite the speculation and hype surrounding the future of blockchain, not many platforms are actively running in live environments. Walmart, Maersk, and other large organizations continue to move the needle, but very few smaller companies have gone beyond the planning stage. Everyone seems to be anxiously awaiting new blockchain releases, but are they really happening?

For Chateaux’s partner TrueTickets, the answer is “Yes!” True Tickets’ blockchain-based, event ticketing app is slated to be available for public download in a few weeks. In preparation, the True Tickets app has continued to impress in private test runs: In June, fans of the Boston-based rock group The Maxims used the True Tickets app to purchase their concert tickets and enter the show using the app’s digital wallet. Fans benefited from the ease and security blockchain affords—right in the palm of their hand.

Upon the app’s wide release, fans will enjoy even greater benefits from the technology. The True Tickets app will remove the anxiety of losing tickets to bots and having to purchase costly and potentially fraudulent tickets on secondary marketplaces. Blockchain technology will allow fans to purchase authorized tickets at consistent costs set by artists—not scalpers—who will also benefit from proper remuneration.

Chateaux is building working blockchain applications. True Tickets is primed to change how we attend events. Blockchain is no longer the future, it is the now!

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