The Return Data received from Press Ganey holds valuable insights. Many are not always easy to analyze. Our client wanted to visualize the physician questions and responses using a dashboard. Instead of building an in-house solution, the client opted to port data into an existing dashboard provided by a trusted vendor in the healthcare industry.

To bring the data into the dashboard, our client needed to send data securely. This needed to occur in a manner that did not put patient health information (PHI) at risk or break HIPAA regulations.

Here is how I  transfer this kind of sensitive information: First, I use the Managed File Transfer (MFT) software to handle the encryption part of the process. Next, ensure the Press Ganey file you created is in the correct folder for your MFT software to get the file, encrypt it, and send. A second option is to encrypt the file using a platform like GNUPG in the ETL process. This allows you to have the file encrypted right away and before the MFT Software picks it up and sends.