Chateaux Joins Partner Decisyon to Present “How to Improve Operational Efficiency” Webinar.

Sample view of Decisyon/Plant

Sample view of Decisyon/Plant

Chateaux partner Decisyon hosted their webinar, “How to Improve Operational Efficiency,” on February 26, 2014 to a virtual crowd of executives and IT professionals. Participants tuned in to learn the benefits of Operational Business Intelligence, particularly for the manufacturing and supply chain industries, and how they are achieved within Decisyon 360 and Decisyon/Plant.

Hugo Toledo, Chateaux Principal and CTO, began the webcast with an overview of key challenges facing today’s manufacturing and supply chain sector. “Having high-quality data from which you can gain information is important,” stated Toledo. “But while classical BI informs, the tools are not effective to continue the process of facilitating action past determining issues.”

The inability to coordinate action between departments using a single platform can lead to increased cost and production time when handling issues such as quality control hold-ups, Free Trade Agreement duty requirements, and operational intelligence/general supply disruption. “Until now, various platforms have needed to be ‘cobbled together’ in order to obtain collaboration between departments—many times causing greater integration challenges,” Toledo explained.

Toledo’s emphasis on “putting action in actionable data” is exactly what Decisyon aims to do. “Operational efficiency will not be accomplished if everything is not done together,” stated Gary Banks, Senior Vice President of Services, Decisyon. “Decisyon offers transformative business solutions that incorporate social integration with BI managements.”

Lauren Belford, Presale Manager at Decisyon, then followed the discussion with a demonstration of Decisyon 360, a collaborative BI and operational performance management platform, and Decisyon/Plant, a plant operations monitoring and management solution. Belford showcased the near-real-time ability to collaborate with colleagues online over specific data points and issues. In this “social workspace,” tasks that previously would require time-consuming data collection and laborious coordination can be quickly reviewed, updated, tested, and implemented. The unique ability to fuse analytics and communication within a single interface provides integrated real-time BI planning and execution.

Implementing operational efficiencies can lead to a domino effect of advantages including improving business procedure, customer satisfaction, and increased lead conversion. As Banks noted in case studies regarding Decisyon clients Janssen Pharmaceutica and Zambone, adoption of Decisyon platforms have caused both organizations to see improvements in decision making and productivity.

As Toledo emphasized, “Accomplishing all of that on a single BI platform is what allows you to participate, coordinate, and aid resolution of problems and operation of your business. Being confident that you are all on the same page translates insights into action.”

If you were unable to attend the live webinar you’re in luck: the recorded session will be hosted here, to review at your leisure.