The experts at Chateaux realized long ago the importance of rapid, cost-effective application and database development in order to deliver consistent, cross-platform business solutions. Today, the need for rapid software development is essential for businesses that want to beat their competition to market. For years Chateaux has been perfecting their skills in this area, with the help of partners such as Progress Software Corporation.

Since selecting Progress as one of our primary development platforms back in 1985, we’ve developed highly evolved Progress skills and have delivered high-performance applications across an array of business verticals. We apply these skills for our clients during new development, application modernization and application integration projects – further enhanced when combined with the most recent technology products from Progress Software.

Progress recently announced the acquisition of Telerik, a Bulgarian company offering tools and technologies that address the entire cross-platform cms-conceptapplication development lifecycle. Telerik products include a .NET toolbox, a mobile development platform, and a robust CMS called Sitefinity. Telerik has a developer community of over 1.4M people, including several Chateaux team members.

Since the acquisition, Progress has been actively working to advance Telerik’s products. The latest release of Telerik (January 20, 2015) highlights the fruitful relationship. New features such as device cloud testing, screen builder, mobile app quick start templates, and NativeScript (a beta open source development framework that supports fast cross-platform native development using JavaScript) will continue to advance Chateaux’s Rapid Application Development (RAD) skills and deliver better client solutions.

Even before the acquisition, Chateaux became an expert in Telerik Sitefinity. If you’re not familiar with Sitefinity, it is a web CMS perfect for any project that requires custom software development or integration needs as well as rapid deployment. It has the tools that developers want and need, and the easy user-friendly interface empowers end-users to update website content without knowing code. In addition, Sitefinity has Microsoft Visual Studio integration, making it ideal for Chateaux’s developers.

So what does this acquisition mean for Chateaux? The new acquisition will provide continued support and access to new technology while we implement Progress-based solutions for our clients. Chateaux’s partnership with Progress spans 30 years, which means we can leverage our proficiencies with Progress technology and breadth of skills as an organization to deliver successful business solutions for our clients.