How we’re maintaining business continuity during the coronavirus pandemic

Unless your business is situated in a particularly at-risk location, your business continuity plan—while a key priority—is not likely something that was on your mind. And even if your office is perched on a cliff in a landslide zone, you may not have considered preparations for a pandemic.

COVID-19 has completely upended life as we know it. From schools and restaurants, to gyms, movie theaters, and even public parks, the world is truly shutting down to halt the spread of this virus. It has also forced many businesses to attempt to operate remotely, when in reality they were far from prepared to do so.

But for Chateaux, we must admit: it’s business as usual, just in pajamas.

Although, it didn’t happen magically.

Chateaux is a fully mobile-ready workforce. We’ve been that way for years. While we continue to hold physical offices around the globe, we are not bound to them. We operate with platforms and communication tools in place that allow our team members to work remotely. That is why we can support our clients during this time with ease and immediacy.

So…. How do we do it?

The cloud.

It’s true: we don’t just implement cloud computing solutions; we practice what we preach. We utilize cloud platforms to ensure our work is accessible and collaborative at all times. We don’t need to rely on—or worry about—a local data center to keep us running. By leveraging the cloud through industry leaders like our partners Microsoft, IBM, and AWS, we can rest assured that information is being stored and managed securely and reliably.

A global team.

Chateaux is comprised of the following key offices spread throughout the globe: Norwalk, CT; Boston, MA; Tampa, FL; and Bangalore, India. We are accustomed to collaborating with team members virtually, so being unable to meet in person has not inhibited our efficiency or work output. Also, as a disseminated team, we are positioned to implement redundancy in the case that one region is fully unable to perform job functions remotely.


All of our team members are well-versed in virtual communication tools that allow us to collaborate seamlessly. We use unified communication and collaboration platforms that include chat features, audio/video conferencing, application integration, and more. If a client has a preferred platform? No problem!

We are incredibly grateful to be able to stay connected and serve our clients while protecting the health and safety of our employees. If you need a team that can keep you running or if you would like to learn how we can turn your workplace mobile-ready, email us at [email protected].