October 20, 2015 – Chateaux Software was happy to attend the annual Greenwich CIO Summit through HMG Strategy. As Society for Information Management (SIM) Members, Chateaux has attended this event for the past ten years.

The CIO Summit provided a fresh look at how business growth is revolving around IT right now. One key point the speakers made was how enabling one new device or system will optimize and enhance an organization, and contributes to exponential growth. Chateaux SVP of Resource Services, Mark Montanaro noted that, “The CIO Summit is an electric environment, always brimming with great connections. It was inspiring to see what CIOs are doing with their organizations and how operations are improving and changing.”

One of the standout presentations came at the end of the day when six CIO’s discussed the future of the CIO Role in an executive panel.  Senior Account Executive Alex Suzuki enjoyed Michelle Garvey, SVP & CIO at Ann Inc., insights’ about the ever-evolving nature of the CIO role; it is no longer solely a “Chief Information Officer”. The “I” in “CIO” pertains to a breadth of function; their roles begin with innovation, integration, and information (and that’s only the tip of the iceberg).

Mr. Suzuki stated, “The executive panel showed with clarity how enabling every individual in an organization for success through IT, will raise the entire corporation’s performance. This happens at the bottom and works its way up.”

The CIO Summit boasts itself as “world class thought leadership in a club-like setting where attendees will receive unique insights into best practices and will hear success stories involving leadership, management, technology, and career development.”

Part of Chateaux’s philosophy is to gather actionable insights in every interaction. The CIO Summit has proven to be a day of unique insight into leadership, management, technology evolution and corporate best practices and it was a privilege to look ahead to what’s next in IT alongside industry leaders. It is an exciting event Chateaux looks forward to annually.

We look forward to what the Greenwich CIO Summit holds next October!

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