Chateaux, a Westport-based technology solutions company, attended an IBM conference, IBM Think 2018, in Las Vegas with our client, True Tickets, a blockchain-based event ticketing app.

Chateaux began offering blockchain services in early 2017. These services built upon our enterprise solutions that are currently offered being which include, but aren’t limited to, UI/UX design, mobile platforms, and analytics. Knowing Chateaux’s vast expertise in the blockchain market, True Tickets asked us to build an app based on their concept of making concert tickets more easily accessible to fans without the involvement of scalpers. Chateaux built the True Tickets app using Hyperledger fabric and IBM Blockchain Platform.

IBM Think is a conference with networking events, breakout sessions on innovative technology topics, and product demonstrations. One of the events was IBM 5 in 5, where several speakers talked about the 5 most exciting breakthroughs in technology that are coming from IBM’s researcher global labs and have the potential to change society and the world within the next 5 years. The 5 in 5 included, crypto-anchors and blockchain, lattice cryptography, AI-powered robot microscopes, unbiased AI, and quantum computing.

Chateaux is at the forefront of innovation with crypto-anchors and blockchain. With the True Tickets app being on display for the first time, attendees could see the functionality of the app and the potential for it to change the way we are currently getting our event tickets. The True Tickets app generated a lot of interest and received praise from the blockchain and IBM communities. 

Vijay Rathna, Chateaux’s Sr. Solution Architect heading up Chateaux’s Blockchain Solutions group, says, “It was exciting to see blockchain becoming more mainstream with a push from IBM. Seeing how IBM showcased their latest technologies was fascinating.”

True Tickets keeps the best interests of the fan and the industry in mind by providing a simple and secure way to buy tickets to your favorite events. To learn a little bit more about True Tickets, please go to

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