I am deeply convinced that 2018 will be the year blockchain emerges from the shadows and becomes a mainstream business phenomenon. That’s why our dedicated blockchain team here at Chateaux is intensely focused on developing blockchain-enabled tools and solutions for the 21st century enterprise.

Here are three distinct and specific areas where we clearly see blockchain making extremely rapid progress in business:

1) In logistics and shipping, blockchain tools and solutions will enable far more accurate tracking of perishable food products than ever before. It will also enable retailers and wholesalers to pinpoint the origin of tainted or contaminated food products much more quickly and with much great precision. That means if you find a couple of bad apples in a large shipment, you can quickly identify the source and take swift action to eliminate the spoiled fruit without discarding the entire shipment. For retailers such as Whole Foods or Walmart, blockchain-enabled capabilities can potentially save billions of dollars annually.

2) In financial services, blockchain has the power to revolutionize trading, contracts, cross-border payments, identity management and fraud control. Implementation and deployment of blockchain-enabled fintech solutions will result in huge cost savings and massive dislocations for many workers, so keep a sharp eye on this part of the economy.

3) In manufacturing, blockchain will make it easier to track parts, spot defects, monitor quality, identify chokepoints in supply chains and manage contracts with multiple partners. All of those key capabilities will become significantly more important as manufacturing becomes more automated, more customer-centric and more “just in time.”

As I wrote in my previous post, the demand for blockchain-enabled solutions will expand dramatically as blockchain’s strategic value to the enterprise becomes more widely understood and appreciated.

But making blockchain work at the enterprise level requires a comprehensive set of skills, such as UI/UX design, mobile platforms, analytics, security, external application integration and quality assurance to name a few—and our blockchain team at Chateaux has those skills.

We’re ready to help you leverage the awesome power of blockchain and put it to work in your business with the same levels of security, functionality and reliability you rightfully expect from all of your enterprise-ready solutions.

— Vijay Rathna is Director of Enterprise Apps at Chateaux. He is a blockchain architect and crypto analyst.