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We are in the business of relationships.

The Chateaux Advantage

We have been in the game for thirty years. Our collective strength, skill, and knowledge across business and technology come from years of dedicated service.

With scores of clients both large and small, our core architects and technologists work as a team to create custom solutions.

DefineAfter we diagnoses the problem, we define the best solution.

Design: No two projects are the same because no two clients are the same. We design custom solutions (applications, cloud storage options, websites, dashboards) for each of our clients based on our conversations.

Deliver: With a great design in hand, the delivery phase becomes a matter of craftsmanship and hard work. We deliver, and when we’re finished things don’t break.

The Chateaux Team is full of folks from all different disciplines — from project managers to architects, technologists to quality assurance experts, we have the depth and breadth of expertise to successfully plan and deliver your end-to-end project.

Our Center of Excellence (COE) offers guidance to IT departments, strategic support, tactical execution, leadership and reassurance to avoid missteps.

Having the right partner can make all the difference, and our alliances reflect that. We team up with titans like SAP, Microsoft, Oracle, Salesforce, Progress, Informatica, and we’re always learning new systems!
We keep in touch with our clients and make sure that we can keep connecting dots and adding value. A business is made up of people: people make changes, have ideas, create change, spark innovation, open the world up, bring new solutions, force us to look at things different ways.

 Let us staff your business with people who will help grow your business in tangible and intangible ways. Our Resource Services Division is responsible for putting top performers in seats of Fortune 500 companies nationwide. We create a long-term relationship with our clients by combining innovative collaboration with best practices.

Our business and technology expertise allows us to add value in key markets, including Healthcare and Life Sciences; Retail, Distribution, and CPG; Leasing and Financial Services; Manufacturing and Automotive; and Telecom. We use great technology to improve the way people solve their business problems.
Chateaux’s Lifeline Guarantee means that all of our resources are supported by a seasoned Center of Excellence member, as well as our in-house team of technologists. Our technology advisors provide guidance to the resources we place with our clients and are also available for clients to call upon if they need further assistance or strategic support. Our proven track record for placing successful candidates combined with our Lifeline Guarantee make Chateaux the ideal partner for your resource needs.


We have some of the best clients in the world. Join the club.

Executive Team

Ken Zimmerman
Ken ZimmermanPrincipal

As CEO & Enterprise Architect at Chateaux Software, Mr. Zimmerman brings over 30 years of experience in high technology consulting and management, having worked with clients in retail energy, automotive, healthcare, financial services, insurance, media and manufacturing industries.

Mr. Zimmerman has significant experience improving business and operational performance by implementing technology-based solutions for a broad range of companies in many industries, and his portfolio of engagements has encompassed design, development and implementation of data warehouse and marketing analytics, enterprise architecture, customer engagement strategy, performance management, global sales incentive management, digital marketing strategy, trade promotion and organizational strategy.

In addition to professional services engagements, Mr. Zimmerman has led the development of market-ready products that have contributed to his clients’ understanding and future vision for their business initiatives.

Mr. Zimmerman has been a requested speaker at meetings, conferences, and seminars and is sought after by analysts for his insights into the analytics and visualization marketplace.

Mark Montanaro
Mark MontanaroSVP, Resource Services

Mr. Montanaro is the backbone of Chateaux’s operations. Since joining in 2004, he has helped to grow the organization by aligning technical activities with business objectives and expectations.

From resource planning and forecasting to client relations, his ability to pair the right consulting talent with client needs has enabled Chateaux to build a cohesive, high-caliber team of consultants.

Mr. Montanaro’s approachable nature and aptitude for networking has allowed him to maintain strong relationships with both clients and Chateaux’s talent pool, resulting in increased efficiency and superior project results.

Prior to Chateaux, Mr. Montanaro was a Project Manager at Blue Wolf Group (An IBM company),  a platinum Salesforce.com implementation partner, where he managed over 30 successful implementations. Other experience includes Optimum Logistics, where he oversaw Chateaux’s implementation of Business Objects. He graduated Cum Laude from Northeastern University with a dual degree in International Business and Supply Chain Management.

Mr. Montanaro maintains his position as team captain both in and out of the office as an avid runner and cyclist. He enjoys competing in the sport of triathlon and aspires to one day conquer the Ironman.

Hugo Toledo
Hugo ToledoPrincipal
Mr. Toledo has over 15 years of experience with leading organizations and projects in both the public and private sectors. Effective in both consulting and management roles, he is a recognized author and public speaker with accreditations in business and technology. He is the author of two books on databases and networks, his latest published by O’Reilly and Associates, and has presented and hosted panel discussions at COMDEX, Uniforum, and other major industry conferences.

In keeping with his extensive experience in designing and delivering solutions that integrate enterprise-level technologies (including design, development, management, education and product marketing), Mr. Toledo has led Enterprise Systems (ES) engagements in Data Warehousing (DW), Business Intelligence (BI), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), and Sales Force Automation (SFA).

An alumnus of Duke University, Mr. Toledo is also one of Chateaux’s Principals. His previous executive roles included VP IT Planning at HALO Industries [NYSE: HMK], and Principal with Navigant Consulting [NYSE: NCI], where he advised Global 500 firms on best practices in aligning Information Technology with business goals.

John Barsch
John BarschSenior Solutions Architect
Mr. Bartsch is Senior Solutions Architect and Project Manager with over 25 years of experience demonstrating proven leadership, management and technical expertise. A visionary in orchestrating the design and delivery of enterprise information solutions, with a specialization in Supply Chain Management (SCM), his core skillset includes IS/IT strategy, business requirements specification, technical requirements specification, data architecture, application integration and process improvement.

Strong analytical, technical and project management skills have had him lead projects through all aspects of the Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC) for high profile projects on engagements with world-renowned clients in contexts ranging from initial methodology introduction to the advanced stages of application integration of heterogeneous systems.

Experience includes the following roles:

  • Project management, planning, estimating
  • IT strategic planning
  • Software design and development in an SDLC methodology framework
  • Enterprise architecture, data architecture, business analysis and process improvement Application integration
  • Facilitation, training, mentoring in above areas