Chateaux’s Director of Enterprise Applications competed in GE’s Predix Hackathon — and he won! Coming in at third place out of eighty-five competitors, Vijay’s Predix solution landed him as the winner of Best Intelligent Environment Application. Learn more about the custom Ship Twin Predix solution here.

Chateaux is so proud of the innovative and competitive work from Vijay. Check out what other people at the event were saying, and learn more about the Ship Twin application that won the Hackathon!

Learn more about the Ship Twin application:

The other press coverage from the event where Chateaux’s Director of Enterprise Apps is front and center include the following tweets:


A hearty congratulations to Vijay on his hard work, quick-witted problem solving, and great job at the GE Predix Hackathon!

About Predix

Predix, the operating system for the Industrial Internet, is powering digital industrial businesses that drive the global economy. By connecting industrial equipment, analyzing data, and delivering real-time insights, Predix-based apps are unleashing new levels of performance of both GE and non-GE assets.

Minds + Machines Hackathon

Hackers join GE and Intel for two days of hacking, learning, and networking. At Minds + Machines in San Francisco, they will experience live industrial machines–from gas turbines to intelligent lighting. Then develop solutions to solve some of the industry’s toughest challenges.

About Chateaux

Chateaux is a Connecticut corporation with its headquarters in Westport, CT. Chateaux is a professional-services consulting organization, providing technology-enabled business solutions and services to help clients drive informed strategic decisions and real-time operational impact. For more than 30 years Chateaux has specialized in Enterprise Applications and Analytics, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing and Big Data, Cyber Security, Application Development and Integration, Data Management, Design Services, Resource Services, and Lean Architecture across several industries.

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