Building and maintaining a corporate website is challenging enough – especially when you think about the different types of content necessary to call oneself “online”. This is not just limited to printed words and graphics, but also UI controls and deployment platforms. But when your business requires managing MULTIPLE websites, the process can be very daunting. That’s why we at Chateaux Software are excited for our partner Progress Software’s acquisition of Telerik (owner of Sitefinity, a leading web content management system).

Content Management System

Crius Energy, a rapidly growing energy management company located in Stamford, CT, relies on the success of introducing and managing the websites for their family of brands. They execute new campaigns every 3 to 6 months. When Chateaux’s experts went behind the scenes to assess the process behind this multi-channel marketing approach, it became clear that there was too much time spent on developing, finalizing, and implementing business requirements. Web developers went back-and-forth multiple times to business leaders, which slowed time-to-market.

Sitefinity makes the delivery of intuitive web content as easy as possible, with over four-hundred and fifty Fortune 500 companies, academic institutions and other various sectors as happy customers. Chateaux designed and tailored the Sitefinity platform to match the high rapid application development (RAD) standards at Crius. Through the user-friendly interface, Crius can now develop new websites and update their existing websites faster and much easier. This allowed Crius to optimize time spent working with developers and slash time-to-market.

Sitefinity comes complete with a full toolkit and wide array of features, further cementing it as a great web development platform. The toolkit includes (but is not limited to): a user friendly interface, super sleek design, Microsoft Visual Studio integration, built-in analytics trackers, and many other features. Our partnership with Progress Software and Telerik, along with our proprietary implementation approach, empowers content creators to do their best work, show it off, and track the results through one seamless solution.

Chateaux’s implementation of Sitefinity at Crius has streamlined the entire process of content publishing and analytics tracking. Crius can now focus on what matters most: to confidently and openly interact with their customers in a fresh, easy, and intuitive manner.

For more information on the acquisition of Telerik, read here. You can learn more about the features of Sitefinity here.