Project Description

E-Commerce professionals know the value of upgrading their web presence for a Web 2.0 world, but what about upgrading the quality and accessibility of the data that drives the business? Powerful real-time Data Quality tools now exist to validate, normalize, and consolidate your data, making a significant impact on your business’ bottom line.

Recently, a Fortune 500 electronics manufacturer was looking to revitalize their e-Commerce data system. Unsure of the best solution to fit their need, they turned to Chateaux for strategic and technical guidance. The BI Technologists from Chateaux assembled a plan to increase data efficiencies and streamline their processes by utilizing real-time Data Quality.
Aligned with the client’s goals, Chateaux identified and selected three main data functions that, when updated, would have a significant impact on the business. Utilizing SAP BusinessObjects Data Services, Chateaux implemented the following functionalities:

  • Shipping Address Validation: Upon entry, addresses are checked against the USPS database in real-time. If mismatched, a list of suggested address alternatives appears to prompt the user for further information. In addition, the tool provides information to validate that the address is deliverable.
    The result: Costs associated with shipping, and the subsequent return of goods delivered to an incorrect address, are significantly reduced.
  • Billing Address Standardization: Similar to the function above, addresses are cross-referenced with records from the U.S. Postal System for cleansing and standardization.
    The result: Time and resources are saved by transmitting accurate data to the payment vendor.
  • Real-Time Services Using a JMS Adaptor: Real-time processes communicate with the clients’ e-Commerce application via a JMS Adapter. Data Services also supports real-time connections as a Web Service Provider or Message Client API. For this particular client, Chateaux’s BI Technologists interfaced with Websphere Message Broker to communicate with the e-Commerce application.
    The result: Technology that integrates across applications to enable up-to-the-minute accurate data.
The new Data Services solution is a combination of existing ETL tools from Data Integrator paired with Data Quality processes in a real time environment – enabling users to have access to accurate, up-to-date information. Chateaux leveraged a specific selection of these tools to meet high-level client goals.

The opportunity is here to cut operational costs and increase efficiencies for your e-Commerce business. The way business is being conducted on the web has changed significantly; your data processing is a valuable function which needs to be updated as well.