Project Description

Grime Boss Increases Mobile Traffic by 40% with New Website Design

UI/UX upgrades improves customer experience and bottom line

Grime Boss’s upgraded web infrastructure and digital strategy increased their e-commerce and customer engagement. Using an integrated marketing platform, Grime Boss can now manage their brand on their website and across social media. The mobile-friendly buying experience as well as enhanced brand awareness continues to delight customers as sales, visitor traffic, and social engagement grows.

The Challenge

Grime Boss wanted to improve customer’s online buying experience and boost customer delight

The Result

Grime Boss’s upgraded website infrastructure and digital strategy increased their e-commerce sales and customer engagement

Features & Highlights

40% increase in mobile traffic,

due to mobile responsive design

Greater control of brand content
Soaring metrics:

increased site visits, social media followers, mobile users

More About the Challenge

Grime Boss wanted to upgrade their website, improve their web presence, and implement a new digital strategy to build brand awareness. In addition to needing an updated website design and fresh content, their website was not mobile responsive. One of the main goals was to educate consumers about Grime Boss through an educational campaign. Business users did not have the capability to update or run campaigns through their website and did not have a content management system in place.

More About the Approach

Website Redesign
We redesigned their website using Magento eCommerce platform, a leading content management system, which best fits their immediate and long term needs. This platform also makes the website mobile responsive. This will bring them up to speed with current web trends. Additional features such as a store locator, reviews, and video content were also added. We were also responsible for product photo shoots for the website. As training is important for their continued success, we trained business users on how to update content on their new website, how to publish that content across multiple social media platforms, and gave them a strategy for content marketing and consumer education.

Design Specifics
Our creative team, including graphic designers, artists, and photographers, worked together to capture the essence of the brand. While collaborating with the team over at Grime Boss, we selected from a series of images and created content that would best represent the Grime Boss brand. The content and messaging on their website was reworked and influencers were recruited in order to promote the product and educate consumers. This includes an intro video production featuring Attilla Agh, a champion fisherman.

Social Media
To improve brand awareness, we took to social media.  We set up their social media channels (Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube) and did a complete redesign of their Facebook page. Additionally, we created a social media marketing strategy and educated the Grime Boss team on the best social media practices.

More About the Result

Each challenge that was set with Grime Boss has been met with success.

After their website was launched, their visitors increased 10-fold.  Their enhanced website is now mobile and user friendly. Mobile users previously were 0% of their traffic. Now 40% of their visitors are coming from mobile devices.Their social media accounts have increased in followers by double and are growing rapidly. Grime Boss now has the tools to update their website and content instead of relying on developers. Through reviews left on the Grime Boss website by consumers, business users are able to improve their consumer engagement. This will help them improve their product further long term.

About Grime Boss

Grime Boss, a subsidiary of NicePak, the largest wet nap manufacturer in the country, has been selling heavy duty surface and hand wipes for indoor and outdoor use since 1962.

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