Chateaux’s expertise in multiple technology services allows us to provide a full-service approach to our clients that address all areas of need. Our recent project for an equipment leasing and financing company is a perfect example of how those skills can provide a comprehensive solution.

In our three-part case study series, we cover how Chateaux provided digital transformation, microservices, and data management services to help our client enhance their Broker Portal to better manage the equipment leasing and financing lifecycle.

Two construction employees looking at laptop with broker portal app, a digital transformation from Chateaux

Web Application Boosts Productivity for Equipment Leasing & Financing Company

Part 1 – Digital Transformation through User Interface Development

Our client improved their equipment leasing and financing lifecycle with a brand-new Broker Portal that maximizes the power of microservices, data warehousing, and ecommerce technologies in one slick UI. In this success story installment, we will explore how Chateaux’s Digital Transformation Team created the web app that optimized the business flow using visualizations and custom assets built with React.js and webpack.

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Two people outside next to a large truck looking at the broker portal built for an equipment leasing finance company by Chateaux using microservices

Microservices Provide Flexibility, Efficiency for Web App

Part 2 – Equipment Leasing and Financing Company Benefits from Microservice Architecture
A brand-new Broker Portal web app has breathed new life into our client’s equipment leasing and financing lifecycle. In Part 2 of our success story series, we will explore how Chateaux used microservice architecture to eliminate productivity roadblocks and reduce overhead using Azure serverless functions built in .NET framework using C#.

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Laptop open to report view thanks to data warehouse project from Chateaux

Data Warehouse Helps Client Make Better Business Decisions

Part 3 – Equipment Leasing and Financing Company Wins with Data Management Overhaul

Our client’s ability to see, access, and act on their data has improved thanks to a new data warehouse solution. We look at how Chateaux’s Data Management Team used Azure Cloud, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Server, and Power BI to solve data accessibility and reporting issues in the third and final installment of our three-part success story series.

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