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We are always looking for experienced technologists for consulting projects throughout the Northeast and the Midwest.

Why would you want to work with us? Simply speaking, we’re the top of our trade. We’ve been in business for over thirty years; we have staying power. And with that are a host of characteristics that you can count on, including:

  • Financial strength. We keep our promises.
  • Benefits. Every employee of Chateaux has the option of joining a medical benefits plan, whether you are single and unmarried or have a family of eleven.
  • Compensation. We pay our employees based on the value they bring to the organization. The better the value you offer, the more compensation you can expect.
  • Team Work. Every member of our team is respected and included. Period.
  • 401k Plan. Every employee of Chateaux has the option of joining our 401k Plan.
Chateaux has exposed me to a level of decision making that most recent college grads do not get to experience.
Amy Hutchinson, Intern
The multiple channels we utilize to communicate allow me to work from home, yet continue to have free-flowing dialogue with my project-team members.
Sunil Kumar Mavila, Sr. BI Project Manager
I never have similar weeks. There is always something new to learn and work on. I can’t imagine being trapped in a one-dimensional position again.
Alex Semkow, Business Analyst
I’ve personally glimpsed the ample amounts of talent, dedication and intelligence that I believe are all the right ingredients for a successful company.
Clay Risher, VP, Business Development
Good economy or bad economy – the Chateaux team stays strong, productive, quality-driven, and still fun at the same time!
Zoltan Varszegi, Senior Technology Consultant
I am constantly encouraged to explore and master new technologies so that better solutions may be provided to clients.
Sam Wuertz, Senior Technologist
Not a day goes by without learning something new and interesting. It is truly a great place to enrich your career with cutting edge technology.
Pooja Rao, Sr. Business Intelligence Technologist
The genuine chemistry between all of the co-workers was something I had never experienced before at a company.
Roxana Gonzales, Executive Administrator
What I have benefited from the most here at Chateaux is the culture of learning that is fostered through our everyday working environment.
Heather Breslin, Marketing Director
The Chateaux team is a tight-knit group of friends, not just work colleagues, and we enjoy spending time together on a social level as well as on a professional level.
Pete Childs, Senior Technologist