Providing a comprehensive patient experience improvement solution for your IT and business needs.

You owe it to your patients to provide them with the best patient experience.

If you are using a patient experience survey vendor to gather patient feedback but are facing challenges with the product, or simply not reaping the benefits of the solution, we can help.

As an extension of your IT team:
We make your healthcare survey data accurate and complete and your data transaction process efficient.

As an extension of your executive team:
We transform survey responses into actionable insights, empowering you to make data-driven improvements.

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Stride Healthcare Consulting - A Division of Chateaux

Create cleaner, automated data so that more of your patients can be heard.

Our multi-prong approach addresses both the IT and business needs of your healthcare organization, providing you with an action plan to improve patient experience.

We provide data extraction and transaction support to help you realize the benefits of census-based surveying, including generating additional revenue based on your survey scores and CMS Star Rating. Our patient experience improvement specialist will help you interpret survey data, resulting in actionable insights to help you improve the patient experience more rapidly.

Our scalable healthcare consulting plan addresses:

  • Survey File Creation and Delivery

    Stride Healthcare Consulting can help build or maintain your current solution to create and send files for processing, such as InfoTurn FTP Processing for Press Ganey Surveying. We can also automate the delivery of files, including sending the Update Files for CAHPS and HHCAHPS (Home Health CAHPS) to fill in the data gaps.

  • Monthly Audit Files

    We’ll create and send your monthly audit files, such as Inpatient and Ambulatory Data audits. That way, your data submission is complete for CMS submission.

  • Return Data

    If your hospital subscribes to a return data service, we can work with the XML files to import into your data warehouse and build dashboards based on your needs. We can also build field-specific extracts from the return data files to send to your vendors dashboards.

  • Automation

    We can create and maintain automation needed to build and send your patient experience survey files.

  • Support

    Stride Healthcare Consulting will help with any support issues that arise. Hospitals are always evolving and need changes done to these files. Support needs we can address include:

    • Adding data to your survey files from a new system
    • Aiding with new development by creating new files for more patient experience surveys
    • Knowledgebase assistance to help answer data-specific queries
    • Troubleshooting directly with your survey vendor representative
Stride Healthcare Consulting collaborating to improve patient experience

Are you facing these challenges?

  • No organized, reliable way to collect and/or send out data to your survey vendor
  • Insufficient reporting process to track data submissions
  • Inability to address complex requirements, changes to file structures, or transactional procedures
  • Lack of workhours and/or support staff to handle file issues on time
  • Excess costs related to dedicated resources for processing file verification
  • Difficulty analyzing where and how improvements can be made

Contact Stride Healthcare Consulting to see how we can supplement your IT team to help improve the patient experience.


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  • Improve patient experience

  • Enhance efficiency

  • Reduce spending & generate revenue

  • Protect patient information

  • Make data-driven improvements

Featured Success Story


Successfully Extracting Patient Data from an EMR to Send to Press Ganey

The client, New Jersey’s Largest Healthcare Provider, based in Marlton, NJ, provides comprehensive health care services to over 1,500 businesses. They are also a leader in maternal and child health services, delivering nearly 8,000 babies a year. The healthcare provider’s business intelligence (BI) group adopted a sleek, updated platform to confidently analyze and transact patient data. By ensuring accurate data can be submitted efficiently, the institution can focus on enhancing patient experience rather than resolving IT burdens.

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