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We help clients properly leverage cloud computing and big data as part of their IT infrastructure, platform, software, and data intelligence deployments and migrations.

Chateaux offers several services that enable you to develop a cloud strategy and integrate cloud-based solutions for measurable ROI.

Cloud Computing is both a technology and business platform for growth. We focus on your business challenges and goals, and creates solutions that combine the best of traditional and emerging technology. We help you understand when the use of cloud computing makes sense, and help you implement cloud computing with our best practices and reference architecture.

Our services can help you:

  • Identify and securely deploy applications across public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructures
  • Automate scale up/down of cloud-based resources
  • Set up development/test cloud application environments
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity for cloud applications
  • Extend on-premise infrastructure capacity to the cloud for a limited time (Cloud Bursting)
Big Data is more than just collecting large amounts of structured and unstructured data from any number of defined and dynamic sources (such as physician notes, referrals, and discharge summaries). It also involves leveraging the power of cloud computing to analyze this large amount of data and collaborate around it in near real time, so that you can obtain key insights about your patients, staff, and programs.

Unlocking the value contained within Big Data requires a solid strategic vision and careful preparation, and we can help you get there.

Chateaux helps organizations focus on both the business value and the technology of Big Data. We can help you succeed over the long term by keeping you in line and focused on the end goal, extending your infrastructure if necessary, and guiding you to your destination. Our services can help you:

  • Collect, analyze, and act on data from multiple sources, both internal and social media platforms such as Twitter, blogs, shopping, etc.
  • Extend enterprise business intelligence capabilities to Apache Hadoop and other cloud databases
  • Increase transparency of social media activity (corporate web site activity, collateral downloads, Twitter posts, online comments, etc.) from your prospects and customers
Chateaux stays up-to-date with the latest trends and technology in the Cloud Computing and Big Data space. We specialize in combining new advances with existing technology stacks to maximize client investments. Our Cloud technical skills include:

  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, IBM)
    • System Operations related to Compute, Storage, Network, Security
    • Architecture
    • Metering
  • Platform-as-a-Service (Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine, Microsoft Azure)
  • Software-as-a-Service (Salesforce.com, various marketing automation software)
  • Big Data (Apache Hadoop)
  • Business Intelligence (SAP BusinessObjects, IBM Cognos, Microsoft, Oracle)
  • Various cloud deployment, management, and automation software (RightScale, Chef, Puppet, etc.)
Lean architecture structures make a positive contribution to software development projects and business improvement initiatives – from conception and definition through to delivery, support, and monitoring. Our proprietary lean architecture methodology contributes to all of our projects, making them better, faster, and cheaper. But as important, we ensure that projects appropriately contribute to the lean architecture initiative.

Success Stories

What Clients Say

Over the last few years since we engaged Chateaux, we have been extremely impressed with their capabilities and ability to execute. Chateaux’s team of Architects, Designers and Developers has been completely instrumental to our business and technology success!
Pradeep Tiwari, Vice President of Information Technology, Crius Energy
We brought the Chateaux team in when we realized we needed help with SharePoint. Chateaux did a great job of understanding our overall needs, designing solutions and implementing those solutions to support our growing business. Their professionalism and ability to work with both the business and technology folks has been very impressive! We look forward to working with the Chateaux team in a variety of capacities that will help us to increase user productivity, standardize our business processes, and implement governance to reduce risk.
Bill Yang, Director of IT, USPowergen
The solution is pretty amazing; it just runs, and we don’t need to maintain it, which was one of our main goals. Chateaux provided a solid design followed by a successful implementation that met all of our needs and has helped make BI more affordable for us.
Steve Hugh, Project Manager, Supply Chain Group, Philips Healthcare
Chateaux’s visionary enterprise and information architecture will be the integrating foundation for portals and future applications for the next few years.
VP, Gartner Group
Chateaux won with flying colors because of their long history working with BusinessObjects, dating back to before it was acquired by SAP. I would highly recommend the Chateaux team for any SAP endeavors; the entire experience was unsurpassed by any other vendor we have worked with, from installation, to optimization, to training.
Mohammed Sherif, Analytics Manager, Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence, The United Nations
Don Floyd and the group at Chateaux brought Lean Architecture to light for us. They educated a wide range of people and changed the dialog within the IT group and across the business.
Jeff Galdenzi, Project Manager, Iroquois
There are three points regarding Chateaux that I’d really like to highlight: their commitment to a successful project; their level of expertise and ability to overcome obstacles; and their professionalism.
Cindy Capodagli, VP Operational Effectiveness, OCE North America
Throughout my time at Dannon, first leading the Business Intelligence group and then our transformational programs, Chateaux Software has proven to be an invaluable resource. They have brought me expertise at the strategic level, in helping lay out an Enterprise Architecture in these areas, as well as detailed, competent implementation resources to help us realize these goals. Specifically Chateaux’s work in the areas of Trade Promotion Management, Demand Planning and integration of syndicated data has helped us realize our implementation of Advanced Sales and Operations Planning and brought substantial benefit to the company. Moreover, all of the people I know from Chateaux, from the CEO Ken Zimmerman through their implementation specialists, have been consummate professionals and very easy to do business with. I highly recommend this company for your Enterprise Architecture, Business Intelligence and Data Architecture needs.
Jim Panos, Director, Strategic Programs, Dannon
I would just like to thank you for the tremendous effort you have put towards Heineken. As we are in the midst of developing the vision of moving from “Good to Great” in all facets of our business, you and your team have met the challenges set forth in a manner that is quite commendable. I truly feel that Chateaux has added a tremendous amount of value in the overall development of reporting, data development, data strategy, and overall business planning development. Thanks again!!! We at Heineken truly appreciate all your efforts. You guys are getting the “Green Heart” and there is nothing better than that.
Mike Miskiewicz, Business Data Manager, Heineken
During the last eight years, Chateaux has been involved intimately within the Pepsi Organization. They have always been consistent, dependable and honest. Head and shoulders above the competition.
Jason Molfetas, Senior Manager, Pepsico
The FaxBack system has been a valuable asset to our organization. The positive feedback from our users (Health Care Providers) substantiates the enhancement in efficiency in the dissemination of drug information. This system is a powerful and time saving service for our clinicians.
Juan C. Nadal, Director, Bayer
Chateaux did a great job for us! Ken and his team were able to develop flexible reports that received a tremendous amount of positive feedback from our user community.
Richard Tang, Vice President, JPMorgan Chase & Co.