If your hospital uses Press Ganey’s services, then you know that Press Ganey plays a big part in getting patient feedback, regulatory CMS submissions, and extra revenue for your organization. You probably also know that when Press Ganey audits your data and you need to submit a deficiency file, other mission-critical issues often come in the way. Sound familiar?

I ran into this situation with my client. To make sure you create and send these files promptly, you need automation and a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Press Ganey and the extract, transform, load (ETL) data integration process.


Automating most or all the tasks needed to pull the specific patient or visit id’s you get from the Improvement Portal from your database can prove to be a time saver. By automating functions such as formatting the data the same way every time, and reusing the same business logic, you are not only improving data consistency, but you are also saving time.

Subject Matter Expert

When it comes to sending files to Press Ganey, having an SME with healthcare industry experience on your team is a major incentive. An SME with Press Ganey and ETL experience can prove to be a valuable asset when working with Press Ganey files because there will always be follow up issues with technical difficulties and data completeness where an SME can save you plenty of time.

Let’s face it there are steps to take to send the Monthly Audit Deficiency files to Press Ganey. Also, there could be an issue or two where you need follow-up. Or other issues need addressing and you can’t get to it promptly. This is where automation and having an extra SME can be a big help in saving time.