Meet the Team: Patrick Braden, Senior Sales Executive

Meet the Team: Patrick Braden, Senior Sales Executive


Chateaux welcomes aboard our newest team member, Senior Sales Executive, Patrick!

Patrick joins Chateaux with six years of sales experience and with the intention of building the Chateaux network and brand along with the rest of our sales teams.

Patrick will work closely with clients and prospects in the CPG, Financial Services, and Retail Energy industries, among others, helping to provide technology solutions and website services.

He will be closely aligned with Chateaux’s sister organization Stormhold.Digital. Within Stormhold, Patrick will be connecting with his contacts to support and grow their online presence through marketing and website redesign.

Coming from a competitive sales background at, Patrick also plans to use his unique skillset within the recruiting space. At Chateaux, he plans to continue working with various recruiting agencies to ensure they have the appropriate technology solutions for their needs.

Chateaux is excited to have Patrick join our team of tight-knit technology professionals! He received his Bachelor’s Degree from St. Lawrence College in economics and psychology, and enjoys snowboarding, golf, and is an active pro-sports fan. We look forward to working with Pat and watching his success at Chateaux and Stormhold!

To set up a call to discuss your technology needs, please reach out to [email protected] or visit him on LinkedIn here.

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