Data Architect

Data Architect

The Data Architect will be a key member of a the IT engineering team responsible for providing reporting, data analytics, data services and cloud platforms This person strengthens the impact of, and provides recommendations on, business information that will need to be available and shared consistently across the company through the identification, definition and analysis of how information assets drive business outcomes. Responsible for discovering the data and analytics requirements for information for all uses.

Position Type: Full Time
Location: Morristown, NJ

Primary Responsibilities and Activities

  • Influencing information strategy: By partnering with the VP IT and business unit leadership, and through the rationalization of the information value chain, the Data Architect will provide strategic, information-based recommendations to protect the organization from disruptions while also embracing innovation.
  • Combining data to increase synergy and other business value: Providing the VP IT with a clear overview of the target Data Architecture and coordinate change activities to ensure that the IT engineering team can consolidate multiple data sources and repositories to deliver additional business value.
  • Governing data more effectively: Suggesting who can take what actions, with what information, and under what circumstances. Assist the VP IT in developing governance processes and structures.
  • Creating more value from data: Exploring the impact of business strategy changes on information management practices with the IT engineering team. Investigating ways to extract additional value from existing information assets.
  • Data modeling: Creating and managing data models in all their forms, including conceptual models, OLTP, relational database designs, OLAP database models, dimensional modeling, Data Mart design and others.
  • Protecting the organization: Defining data classifications and data zoning to allow information assets to be immediately identified and proactively managed as more information becomes federated.
  • Managing existing data: Ensuring that the architecture is used as a lens and a filter to enable the VP IT and IT engineering team to focus only on those internal and external data sources and repositories required to deliver the targeted business value.
  • Securing data: Analyzing data security requirements and solutions, and working with the chief information security officer (CISO) and the VP IT to ensure that data (both on-premises and in the cloud) is treated as a protected asset.
  • Improving performance: Championing efforts to improve business performance through enterprise information solutions and capabilities, such as master data management (MDM), metadata management, analytics, content management, data integration, and related information management or information infrastructure components.

Primary Work Arrangements

  • This role might report to the VP IT, head of enterprise architecture or other functions.


This role requires a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information systems or a related study (or equivalent project-related experience).


Candidates should have:

  • A minimum of eight years of experience in IT, with at least five years data modeling and architecture development experience with mission-critical applications.
  • In-depth experience of designing, developing and implementing information solutions.
  • Hands-on experience implementing business analytics solutions with one or more BI and Analytics platforms such as Power BI, SSRS, Alteryx, Tableau, SAP HANA programs is preferred.
  • Cloud architecture design and deployment experience with AWS and/or Azure.
  • Familiarity with data security and privacy laws such as HIPAA.

Required Knowledge and Skills

  • Effective conceptualization, pattern recognition and teaming skills.
  • Presentation and facilitation skills.
  • Design-thinking skills.
  • Business domain, data/content and process understanding (which are more important than technical skills).
  • System integration experience, including interface design, and familiarity with web-oriented architecture techniques.
  • Data-modeling and information classification expertise at the enterprise level.
  • Understanding of common Data Architecture frameworks and information models.
  • Understanding of the differences between relational modeling and object modeling.
  • Understanding of Meta models, taxonomies and ontologies, as well as of the challenges of applying structured techniques (data modeling) to less-structured sources.
  • Familiarity with MDM, BI, and data warehouse design and implementation techniques.
  • Knowledge of problem analysis, structured analysis and design, and programming techniques.
  • Ability to assess rapidly changing technologies and apply them to business needs.
  • Strong communication and persuasion skills, including the ability to create marketing and messaging materials that meet stakeholder preferences.
  • Ability to analyze project, program and portfolio needs, as well as to determine the resources needed to achieve objectives and overcome cross-functional barriers.

Key Behaviors and Competencies

Candidates should:

  • Demonstrate the ability to work well with others and be respected as a leader.
  • Have a track record of remaining unbiased toward specific technologies or vendors.
  • Be an excellent communicator and collaborator across multiple technical and business stakeholders and leaders.
  • Be able to translate the Data Architecture contribution to business outcomes into simple briefings for use by the VP IT and other data and analytics roles.



Please send your resume to Doug Hamilton at [email protected]

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